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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Types of workout sets

So, there are many workout techniques out there when it comes to weight lifting and I wanted to go over the differences and benefits of each:

Super Sets: The idea is to limit rest time. Typically you alternate muscle groups (chest and back, for example) to limit the amount of time you are idle. This does a few things, it shortens your workout time which is great if you don't have an hour to spend in the gym. Secondly, it keeps your heart rate up so you have some what of a cardio affect during your weight training and therefore burn more calories. Because your are switching back and forth between muscles, one muscle group gets to rest while your work the other.

Drop Sets (strip sets): 3-4 consecutive sets continually decreasing the weight until you fatigue the muscle. The idea behind drops sets is that you again eliminate rest in between sets so you can get your workout done faster. Because you are eliminating rest, your muscles will fatigue faster and you will get a great post workout pump. Drop sets should not be used for every exercise but can be a great addition at the end of a workout.

Standard sets (rest in between): Standard sets are great if you are working on one specific muscle group and have time to allow your muscle to rest in between sets. The rest period allows the muscle to recover so you can complete the next set. Rest periods vary based on your goals but for the average person working out each day, you should generally rest for about 30-60 seconds. Rest time for strength athletes should be longer to allow ATP to restore.

As you can see, there are various ways to structure your workout and you can certainly change it up every few weeks to keep your muscles guessing. Super sets are great for a cardio affect and assist with fat burning and your other sets are great if you are looking to build some muscle. You can certainly still build muscle doing super sets but get that fat burn affect in addtion!!

Happy lifting :)

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