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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Preparation is key

As with anything in life, preparation is the key to success! This couldn't be more true for fat loss!! How do I prepare? I cook all of my food ahead of time. Then, I weigh and measure everything and portion it out. As for my workouts, I go through my list of saved workouts and determine which ones I'm going to do and on which day. I have a small notebook that says " do what you love" on the cover; I converted that into my workout log!! I take it with me to the gym for a few reasons. First, I write down all of my sets, reps and weight used. secondly and most important, so that I can go back and see what I did last time. Having this info allows me to always push to do more!! I hope this inspires you to take the time to plan your week. If you already do this, how do you keep track of your meals and workouts? what method works for you? Do you feel lost if you don't? I forgot my workout log the other day and almost felt naked at the gym, lol!! As the old saying goes "fail to plan, you plan to fail"


  1. what a great workout log :)I dont prepare food in advance just as it goes -having toddler doesnt help - she does eat most of healthy things with me - sometimes she gets extra pasta and I dont:) I do write and measure food though ,my calorie limit is 1400 a day and as long as I stick to it everything goes smooth ;)

    1. Yes, sticking to it is key. Keep it up :-)