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Thursday, June 13, 2013

You can do it!!

I just have to vent. and also warn you ahead of time that this blog post might offend some of you. That is not the intention, I just want to have a real "conversation" and put my thoughts out there... I have been noticing lately that more and more people are obese. What is going on? I've always noticed the obesity problem but it seems lately when I'm out shopping and pay attention to those around me, that's really all I see. There is so much free information out there these days that I cannot believe we still choose not to do something to improve our health and well being. I have some over weight friends, some don't want to be over weight and "try" to change it. I have other friends that claim they are happy that way because they want to enjoy what they are eating and "live" life. I get it.... I too enjoy eating a bowl of ice cream but if I ate that way every meal, everyday, I'd be sick to my stomach.  I enjoy what I eat. I love the way the food I eat tastes. I don't understand why we've become a society that thinks processed junk food is "good" food. How can we change this? There are shows like "the biggest loser", "extreme weight loss" and others that I think are very inspiring to watch. Then, you have websites like that offer tons (I mean tons) of free workouts, meal plans, advice, etc. There is so much information about the adverse health conditions that are caused by obesity, do we as a society want to live like this? I don't think we do. I think that we want to change but have become lazy and demotivated and live this way because it's "easier" than changing. Then we try to convince ourselves and others that we like being this way because it masks the fact that we are miserable. STOP being miserable. Make the decision today, right now and change your life. Okay, now that I've gotten that off of my chest, here are some small things you can do to start making changes:

1. Clean out your pantry and throw away all of the junk food.
2. Go to the grocery store and stock up on healthy foods. click here: Grocery shopping list
3. Start walking everyday, even if it's just for 15 minutes around the block, then work your way up.
4. Park far from the building rather than up front.
5. Take the stairs instead of the elevator.
6. Find a workout plan you enjoy and do it everyday, I recommend starting out with an intro like the 7 day beginner and then work your way to something else like Jamie Eason's live fit trainer. There are tons of options on so look at them all and choose the one you will stick with.
7. Get the family involved. It's much more fun to live the "fit life" with others. BUT, if your family doesn't want to do it right away, you have to be willing to do it without them. Don't allow them to be the "excuse" as to why you can't do it.

YOU CAN DO IT, period... end of story. You just have to wake up everyday and decide today is the day you change your life. Say it everyday.


  1. A few things since you say you want a discussion:

    1. Just because you don't understand it doesn't mean this lifestyle doesn't have its appeal. We live in a world of instant gratification and being obese is a byproduct of this lifestyle. Our values and norms have shifted away from what we "should" do to what we "can" do.

    2. Humans are tremendously adaptable. This includes our ability to adapt to crappy foods. Eating ice cream daily may make you sick but eating a 14" fully loaded pizza could just be a normal dinner to someone else. It's all relative.

    3. I agree completely that there is a plethora of information available on how to get in shape. It's readily accessible to pretty much everyone. However, this lifestyle requires effort, consistency and dedication. Being healthy is quite simple, it's just not easy. See point #1 for further reinforcement.

    4. One thing I think people overlook is that people who are obese aren’t stupid. It’s not as if they don’t know about those seven points you listed or the other resources you mentioned (all of which are very good points, and resources!). A lot of times there are other issues at work that lead to the lack of self-love that they have for themselves and pointing out how simple it is, really doesn’t help.

    In summary, yes everyone CAN do it. That’s not the problem. The problem is that no one will do it just because someone else tells them to. Each person needs to find that drive within themselves.

    1. I completely agree that it must come from within. My hope is that someone will read this and have that "moment" that they decide to do it for themselves. I understand it's hard, if it was easy... everyone would do it.

  2. A great documentary to watch is "Hungry for Change". It changed the way I look at our food and what it does in my body. Very well made documentary.

  3. I am not offended at all. I am an on-track yoyoer. I have probably gained and lost 50 lbs at least 5 times during my 53 years. I know it when I am gaining it...and kick myself for doing it. I like to think there is a reason I do this to myself, but in truth, there are no excuses for me except laziness, which leads to weight gain, which leads to depression, which leads to more weight gain. After having the worst year of my life in 2012, I decided that I refuse to allow myself to live the rest of my life tied to a scale and feeling ugly (and I do feel that way when I am overweight). Now, fitness and healthy eating top my list of priorities. I have lost that same damn 50 lbs and I will not be finding them again. I sometimes look around at others and think the same thing you are thinking, but I understand it. It comes from inside...only YOU can make that change. We can only hope that our friends with weight concerns do become ready and then we can help them. They KNOW they need to get healthy and they know they are making excuses, but they also KNOW that they are the only ones that can fix it.

  4. I understand that your heart is in the right place, but I think you are missing some key points. I'll let you hear my (rambling) take.

    When I was thin, I used to eat half a yogurt for lunch & put it away for the next day. I was brought up to think that if you didn't eat, you didn't gain weight. I struggled with anemia & other vitamin deficiencies.

    Once I started eating, I started gaining weight. I stopped eating, I lost weight. I started eating again, I gained weight. I stopped eating, & this time I gained weight. I couldn't seem to take anything off. I started working out & went through sporadic on & offs with eating. I didn't understand much at all about being healthy.

    Finally I decided I needed to get healthy. I hired a trainer & went vegan. I dropped 40 pounds in a few months of being super strict. I avoided social encounters, spent hours meticulously planning meals & workouts, worked out for 1-2 hours per day, stopped seeing my friends, I read every article, blog, magazine & toilet stall for health information. Eventually one day I stalled out. I stopped having the mental energy to devote to planning meals & making meals & planning workouts & working out. The people around me enabled me back to old habits (not that it is their fault, but that it is very easy to lose track of your goals when those you live with bring home pizza, chips & ice cream for dinner). I became less consistent & my weight loss came crashing to a halt. I started my old routine & was met with just fatigue & depression.

    I can tell you that the amount of free information can sometimes be downright confusing. Should I be vegan? Or paleo? Should I be fasting? Or eating every two hours? Are carbs a source of energy or diabetes? Does fat make my hair shiny or clog my arteries? Should I do cardio or weights first? Should I only do plyometrics? Are isolated exercises going to give me results? Is my workout spiking my cortisol levels? Should I let them spike? Will fructose poison my liver? Do I eliminate fruit from my diet?

    Everyone seems to be a "guru" these days. I get that people are trying to share information, but no two bodies are the same. My hormonal balance is completely different than that of someone without belly fat, for example. Fat creates its own hormones.

    People need to test different theories & investigate for themselves. & it's not easy to do that all of the time. It takes dedication, time, & mental fortitude. I'll tell you that I feel like a failure each time I go two weeks of clean eating & intense workouts only to find out I've gained 2 pounds. I KNOW that it's about being healthy & good food & moving my body, but society has programmed me to think that I'm only healthy if I'm thin.

    1. I hear you on the too much info part, I too get confused. I'm not suggesting that everyone should do anything specific. I'm just suggesting that people do something. I would just love to see less fast food restaurants on every corner and less florescent colored packages of processed foods on the aisles at the grocery store. If everyone just ate good healthy wholesome food and did some sort of exercise, we as a community would be much less "obese" and much more healthy.

  5. So although I may eat healthier than my thin friend who eats fast food daily & log 10 more hours of physical activity than this friend who sits playing video games, when we go to the beach people will assume she is healthy & I'm an unhealthy slob. Healthy weight does not equate to a healthy person.

    And to add to it, I just found out that I have PCOS & insulin resistance, which has contributed to my difficulties. Maybe I wouldn't have stalled so hard had it not been for this. Maybe my mood would be better if I didn't have PCOS, & I wouldn't feel so down when I don't have good results from the scale.

    Maybe I wouldn't judge myself so critically if society didn't teach me to believe that fat people are bad people.

    And quite frankly, what business is it to anyone if I choose to be overweight? I'm a functioning member of society with a great education & I work very hard at my job. My friends & family love me. I can walk around the city for hours without my legs hurting or getting out of breath, I can lift more than more of my girlfriends can. My doctors say I'm healthy & my blood tests are great.

    To many people, flat abs are just not as important as they may be to you. That's each own person's prerogative. Be happy, be healthy, & that's all that matters.

    1. I am not suggesting everyone be skinny, I just want everyone to be healthy. You are a rare breed. Most "obese" people have diabetes, high blood pressure, etc. As much as I'd like to say these things do not affect me, they do. I pay higher health insurance premiums for things such as this. Again, I am not suggesting that everyone needs to be skinny. But in my experience, most obese people did not end up like that from eating healthy and working out regularly. I'm not saying it doesn't happen, just saying it's rarely the case. I applaud you for being one of those that does eat healthy and workout regularly, you are able to maintain good health and that's most important.