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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Realifit App review

A personal friend of mine (IT Geek turned fitness junky), came up with an idea for an app. New to fitness, he was often unsure of what exercises he should be doing, what muscles they were supposed to work and most importantly, what the correct form was. There are an abundance of websites, youtube videos, forums, etc. with tons of conflicting info and opinions. None of these are very convenient, especially when you are at the gym... So, he took it upon himself to develop his own app to meet such a need.

The app is called Realifit ( and currently has 2 modes; Learn and Workout:

In Learn mode, the app currently gives you instant access to animated 3D renders of 35 exercises (more to come in future releases). These were modeled using real professional trainers performing the exercise to ensure they are displaying proper form. You can pan the screen at any angle to get a complete view and understanding of the movement. Something you could never do with a video. It gives useful tips and explanations. It even has graphical indicators of where you should be feeling the "burn". That way you are sure to get your "burn" on bro!

In Workout mode, it gives you access to a ton of pre-made workouts sorted by type and/or body part. The workout interface is great, giving you timed interval training for some and others click to move to the next exercise (depending on the workout). It also speaks, which is great for HIIT and Tabata. Given that I use Tabatas religiously in my training, the built in standard Tabata timer is awesome.

 Overall, the app is super smooth, responsive and great for beginners and advanced athletes alike! If it sounds like something you might like, please check it out. Its available for both Apple and Android devices. 

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