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Thursday, July 10, 2014

The Body Wrench Review

I received my body wrench last week and this thing is just awesome. I am so impressed, I may not need my massage therapist anymore, lol. Seriously though, the body wrench can be configured into many different forms to massage and target various areas. I used to use my foam roller for this but it pales in comparison to the body wrench. I found knots in my shoulders I didn't even know I had. If you are not familiar with the body wrench, I encourage you to watch a few of the short videos I posted at the end of this blog. They go through how to configure it as well as how to use it. For a limited time, you can use code FM20 at checkout and receive 20% off your purchase at Fitness Motivation for Ordinary people will also be doing a giveaway of the body wrench on Facebook so be on the lookout for that as well.

Here is some info from the Body Wrench Website on the product:
"The Body Wrench is the strength and fitness multi-tool. With this single, ingenious system you can warm-up, build muscle, speed post-workout recovery and, whenever you're in the mood, soothe aches and pains.
Body Wrench Muscle Optimization
Phase 1 – Prep
Rolling-out on The Wrench awakens and primes cold or quiet muscles to increase mobility and reduce the risk of injury during workouts and competitions. You'll lubricate muscles, tendons and joints, reduce joint stress and minimize both fatigue, swelling, and stiffness. Plus, it feels good! 
Phase 2 - Perform
Enjoy increased performance during your workouts and competitions. Also, take advantage of the Body Wrench's efficient & effective body weight training exercises. It's all about functional strength with Body Wrench!
Phase 3 – Recover
Shorten recovery time and reduce inflammation post workout/competition by quickly breaking up muscle adhesions (trigger points), while sending waves of fresh, oxygenated blood through every nook and cranny of stressed muscles with a set of targeted, sequenced roll-outs. It feels great and it quickly primes muscles to maximize the process of creating new, healthy muscle fiber"

Video on Lower body prep and recovery
Video for Back, Neck & Shoulder recovery
Video on how to configure the body wrench

Body Wrench on Facebook:
Body Wrench Website: FM20 will get your 20% off at checkout!